Quick Clip Collars

Quick Clip Collars

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Quick Clip Collars

We’ve all been there: watching helplessly through the mirror as the plates you forgot to secure slip off your bar, one end after the other, leaving you red-faced at having bought shame on your family. These Quick Clip Collars put a price on peace of mind. Suitable for all standard barbells, they feature an incredibly lightweight, snap-lock design that keeps heavy loads off the floor and on your bar. An essential lifting accessory!


Features & Specs:

- Material: Nylon resin

- Diameter: 2" or 50mm

- Weight: ~170G EACH

- Warranty: 1 year

- Suitable for all standard Barbells

- Easy quick-clip design

- Tight fit padding

- Durable

- Metal fixings

- Colours: May vary!

Product code: FF61D1


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