Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller

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Rumble Roller

Whether you’re trying to improve your mobility, push through a rehab program, or just procrastinating before the hard work begins, lucky for you, the Rumble Roller won’t discriminate. The perfect warm-up or cool-down partner, this foam roller massages your soft tissue, relieving tightness, soreness and inflammation in the process. It is surfaced with firm nodes designed to reach those deep, sore points; the next best thing to a physiotherapist.


Features & Specs:

- Designed for deeper muscle massage

- MateriaL: PU & EVA

- SIZE: 31.5cm l x 13cm diameter

- Compact size, suitable for the home and gym

- Surface designed with firm nodes so you can reach and release sore spots.

- Colour: Pink (As featured)

Product code: FF22F3A

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