Power Bar

Power Bar

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Power Barbell

Packing 205k tensile strength, this heavy-duty Power Bar is what powerlifting dreams are made of. The black chrome handle, featuring a more aggressive knurling for extra grip, runs smoothly into hard chrome coated sleeves designed to handle all the weights you can throw at it (and more). To run-back an old chiche: “if this bar be bendin’, you probably ain’t pretendin’.”

Features and Specs:

- Material: ALLOY steel

- Colour: black CHROME

- Warranty: 1 year

- Length: 2200mm

- Diameter: 29mm

- Capacity: 2050lb / 929.8kg

- Designed for POWERLIFTING & STRENGTH training

- Powerlifting knurling markings

- High tensile strength to suit heavy bar loads

Product code: FF52V1 

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