Safety Bar (SSB)

Safety Bar (SSB)

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Safety Bar (SSB)

If you’ve ever wondered about the utility of this strange looking bar, wonder no more. The cambered design handles pitch the weight forward, keeping you upright without the stress and strain on your shoulders and wrists. That’s right. The Safety Bar is like PT in its own right -- it commands that you grow, whilst keeping you safe and comfortable in the process! With a list of benefits topping out with serious strength gains, injury prevention (great for limited shoulder mobility or lower back pain), and upper body activation, this is one of best all-purpose specialty bars that you can own.

Features and Specs:


- 21kg safety bar

- Length: 2200mm

- Diameter: 28mm

- Capacity: 1000lb / 453.6kg

- Warranty: 1 year 

- Comfortable shoulder padding and handles

- Moderate camber to shift loading forwards

- Nickel sleeve and handle treatment

Product code: FF52P1 


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