Premium Fixed Barbell [Order by Request]

Premium Fixed Barbell [Order by Request]

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Premium Fixed Barbell

Do compound movements feature in your workout? Are you starting to push serious mass around that gym? Then a set of fixed barbells might be your next step. Why? Simple answer: they let you lift heavier. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, barbells are also perfect for performing compound movements that facilitate mechanical tension – a huge driver of muscle growth. 2.5 kg increments are more fined tuned than the standard dumbbell, allowing you to avoid plateaus and cruise through your progressions. Hard chrome handles with knurling mean you’ll never lose your grip and the premium urethane and CPU coating polishes off high-quality product that is quiet, easy to store, and built to last.


Features and Specs:

- Material: Premium Urethane Surface

- Solid steel heads

- Hard chrome handle

- Eco-friendly CPU coating

- Warranty: 1 year

- Available in 10-20kg 2.5 kg increment

25-45kg - 5kg increment


Want a custom order?

If you're looking for a full set of these bad-boys, get in touch for details on a custom order. Storage racks also available, so you can give them the respect they deserve.

We can also get EZ bar style fixed DB if that tickles your fancy! Enquire for details and pricing.

Orders typically take 1-2 months for production to delivery!*

*Delivery and production time varies, and this is an estimate only.

Product code: FF51G1C