Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Bench

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Adjustable Bench

Welcoming backs, lats and lifters of all shapes and sizes, this adjustable bench features wide back support and high-elastic sponge. Boasting a back rest with 5 adjustable positions, from 90 degrees to flat, as well as a two-tone adjustable seat has all your upper compounds covered. Designed with the lifter in mind, save your energy for your lifts and make use of the roller wheels and handle as you transition through your circuits.

Features & Specs: 

- Adjustable heavy-duty bench

- High elastic sponge with PU coated

- Colour: black

- Warranty: 1 years

- Footprint: L 1245mm x w 600mm x h 445mm

- handle and wheels for easy transport

- Adjustable Back Support

- 5 positions, from flat to 90 degree incline

- Adjustable Seat - 2 positions

Product code: FF71Q1D 


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