Premium Weight Plates

Premium Weight Plates

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Premium Weight Plates

Whoever said ‘good things come in threes’ must have owned a set of JPS Premium Weight Plates. The three-beveled grip design is a step-up in functionality on the standard weight plate; not only do these versatile plates fit all standard barbells, their design allows you to take them for a ride on a set of lunges, shrugs, side holds, or any other number of weighted exercises. The most user-friendly plates you’ll find.

Features & Specs:

- Material: Premium URETHANE

- Versatile use.

- Suited for Regular Barbells and Plate Loaded Machines

- Three ergonomic handles make picking them up a breeze!

- Warranty: 1 year

- AVAILABLE IN 1.25KG, 2.5KG, 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG AND 25KG.

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