Squat Rack

Squat Rack

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Squat Rack

It’s been said a million times before, but we’ll say it again: professional athletes perform the basics well. This free-standing Squat Rack is a paired-back option that covers all those essential movements. The simple and unobtrusive design features a built-in chin-up bar, jhooks and a wide storage base that’s perfect for the home gym or the private practice. Whether you’re setting up professionally or converting mum’s garage, the easy to adjust safety’s and the additional tube attachments will guide you through your sets, giving you freedom to get the job done well.


Features & Specs:

- 2 x plate storage racks

- Includes j-hooks and safety racks

- Material: Q235 steel

- Tube size: 60*60*3mm

- Colour: Black

- Warranty: 1 years

- weight: ~65kg NET

- Footprint: W1100 X 1220 X H2180mm

- Durable Rack designed for strength training

- Easy to adjust J-Hooks and Safety Racks

- Sturdy and space efficient design

- Includes additional tube attachments (shown)


Product Code: FF72A1B

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