EZ Bar

EZ Bar

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EZ Bar

If gym equipment were a high-school popularity contest, the EZ bar is the guy she tells you not to worry about. A slick black oxide handle collides with a sheer seductive ergonomic design, dishing up a multitude of different grips and functions; it’s little wonder why this curl bar is the hottest ticket in every gym around the country. If decking out your facility with the ‘must-haves’ is your goal, slide this low key player into your cart.

Note: Also comes in Silver. Depending on stock bar colour may vary.

Features and Specs:

- 10kg multipurpose bar

- Length: 1200mm

- Diameter: 30mm

- Capacity: 300lb / 136.1kg

- Warranty: 1 year

- Multipurpose Training Bar

- Designed with ergonomic grip positions

- Nickel sleeve and handle treatment

Product code: FF52E1B 

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