Half Power Rack

Half Power Rack

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Half Power Rack

In the search for a single piece of gym hardware that meets many workout needs whilst remaining robust and durable, the Half Power Rack just has to enter the conversation. Load it up; the high-quality QHTC metal won’t budge. It’s sturdy j-hooks and safety racks lock in securely so that you can give your spotter the flick when those pre-workout tingles hit and you programmed to going heavy or hit a new PB. Featuring a highly customisable frame with frequent access points, a built-in chin-up bar for those upper body sessions, and a storage plate dream, this reliable rack is designed to withstand the use and abuse of strength training and powerlifting, suitable from beginners to the most serious of lifters, in any space.

Features & Specs:

- 8 x plate storage racks

-J-Hook pair and safety racks

- Material: 75*75*3mm/QHTC metal

- Colour: black (Shown in red/black)

- Warranty: 2 years

- Weight: ~16kg NET

- FOOTPRINT: W1350 X H2350 X D1350mm

- Durable Rack suited for Squats, Bench Press and Other Strength Exercises.

- Easy to adjust J-Hooks and Safety Racks 

-Easy to assemble

- Suitable for additional attachments.

product code: FF72A1F

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