Premium Dumbbells [Order by Request]

Premium Dumbbells [Order by Request]

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Premium Dumbbells

A quality set of dumbbells are at the center of any muscle building, fat-shredding, sweat inducing workout. Whether you want to build your own workout zone, save a small fortune on gym fees, or up your training volume with a few home sets, a premium set of dumbbells is a non-negotiable. Straight chrome handles with knurling make for a comfortable and controlled grip; the premium urethane fixed weight ends are built for high the demands of resistance training and ensure you maintain perfect form. All accounted for, these are slick, high-performance dumbbells built to last.

Note: Pricing is per individual DB.

Features and Specs:

- Material: premium PU 

- Eco-friendly CPU coating

- Straight chrome handle with light knurl

- Warranty: 1 year 

- Available in 2.5kg increments (from 2.5kg - 50kg)

Want a custom order?

We can help you build a DB set that is right for you! If you're looking to add a high quality set of premium dumbbells to your space, get in touch for details on a custom order. Weights can be determined by you, and we also have DB storage racks available, so you can give your DB the respect they deserve.

1-10kg DB sets and racks are also available upon custom request.

Orders typically take 1-2 months for production to delivery!*


Product code: FF61D1

*Delivery and production time varies, this is an estimate only.